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Friday, 24 October 2014

Creative Accidents !

Hi Everyone
Fantastic weather today, warm and sunny. Ive just come in from a run and it's so warm - good for our holiday (tomorrow). We are not going far but I'm looking forward to it. I'm totally unprepared. No packing at all and lots of lists to make. I also have a number of home jobs which need doing. I'm going to take my time and make lists !
Yesterday's, creative work was quite good. Here is one of my stories from work. I always ( almost) have an idea of what I want to create but I don't always realise my plans. A specific plan yesterday started well, I had a creative 'accident' which I liked and then it all went wrong !
(or rather not quite right !)

The large lentil bead started off with a few jelly roll slices being added to the top. I had intended to swirl the pattern but I quite liked the 'flower'. So I'm calling this a 'happy mistake'. I wanted to make a hole through the bead but didn't want to loose the flower. In order to save the flower- my plan was to make holes where they are but as I cured the bead, I hadn't made those holes big enough and the hole space was at an angle. However, after fiddling, I managed to get the hole sorted. I then wanted to add the grommets to stop the thread fraying, they worked well. Next problem, I hadn't thought through the fastening !!!
I wanted a simple and 'over the head' solution. The second lentil bead was a good idea but the hole again was too small. More fiddling and eventually both ends of the wax thread went though (in opposite directions). My plan was to make a sliding knot. Guess what ? - thread not long enough and (I think) the knot will be visible on the front of the neck when it's tightened. The weight and angle which the bead needs to lie against the body requires the threading to be shortish. Sounds impossible !!!
I need a coffee and some thinking space. I will sort something out which I'm happy with. Will let you know when I do !

I'm planning to get some photo stories going on the blog over the holidays. I often plan for this and internet connections let me down because we are in the middle of nowhere. I think we should be OK this time.

Bye for now and thanks for reading.