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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Designing for Purpose !

Hi Everyone
I'm building on my work from yesterday, re the different sized beads project. I'm working with blues and blue/green (my favourite colours, of course). I'd like to design a single bracelet which incorporates three different sized beads. My solution is to create a couple of link beads, using polymer clay. The link beads are very simple but I'm hoping they will do the job. It's possible they are not the right size. I'll take a view when I put them together.

I was also short of a few beads to complete the single sized strands (to fit me). I now have all the components, so will complete the item later today. Here is the 'bracelet to be', I will add the extra beads, seal, polish and connect with the link beads. That's plan A.

Thanks for reading.