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Friday, 10 October 2014

Making more canes.

Hi Everyone
I mentioned (earlier this week) aiming to polish my saved Shoe Bead every day. I sad to say Ive failed to go beyond the second polish - I'm going to make up for my lost polishing by going for 5 extra polishes today. Ive been wearing them every day.

Work wise, some of my new samples came to life yesterday but they need 'finishing' so will get to grips with that job today. I made more canes too. Ive put together a little collage showing the development of a triangle cane. I'm still using leftover clay and the colours are a bit dull so will make one more cane with some brighter touches of colour running through.

My samples are mainly simple shaped beads which I'm going to use to show how the beads can be covered with slices of cane. I'm looking forward to seeing how the class use the canes to decorate.

Thanks for reading.