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Friday, 3 October 2014

Left over stuff !

Hi Everyone
I did achieve a few of my goals from yesterday's list. A few pairs of stud earrings and the beginnings of using my extruded cane pattern for some larger bracelet beads. I'm not sure the last item ie the bracelet beads appeared on the list ! Having made the extruded pattern, I felt the need to make something with it. All the stuff was created with left over clay. I love this aspect of my little production lot.
I also like the idea of a very 'clean' design and did quite a bit of research re stringing methods to build the stringing solution into the initial design plan. In the end, Ive gone for my regular simple, plain back with a groove for the string. Ive made the bead in two stages (to give more of a chance of keeping the edges clean).
Here are a few images of the process.

Each number on the photo relates to a phase through the pasta machine - I went through to number 4. The pasta machine is a way of squashing a length of pasta while giving a lovely smooth finish. Number 1 is the initial bead. Number 4 was as thin as the pattern would go, without distorting too much. The green back is a number 1. I'm planning to add a second green layer to provide a simple, clean bead. I only have five beads and will need to come up with a second bead design to make the bracelet complete.

These are the photos of the stud earrings. A little more work to go on the top pair - added green clay. All the stud beads need polishing and sealing.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.