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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Take 12 Beads (From Scratch)

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm still immersed in my new bead project. I'm developing a range of beads (12 is the magic number - at the moment !) both for a local workshop and a publication. This means, I need lots of good photos and a series of clear stages for each bead mini project. It's slow going ! My plan is to show a range of bead making techniques and apply the resulting bead to a piece of jewellery. I like the idea and it's quite a creative thing to do (for me). I'm trying to make the jewellery items simple in terms of design and gradually increase the skill level for each project. I'm up to bead 7. I thought, I would share some of the development here on the blog. The stretchy bracelet from yesterday is part of the project. Here is one of the bead styles for today. I'm calling this bead a Pandora style bead. I have 5 beads in this project. Each bead is in there to introduce a different finish to the clay and/or shape.

The largest of the Pandora style beads is a wrapped bead. Here are a few images of the process.

I developed a couple of barrel shaped beads to add to the large wrapped bead and Im planning to string the beads and develop a clasp to complete a necklace. I think the clasp will continue with the idea of the wrapping technique. I need to design the clasp around the stringing and haven't quite decided on what it will be ? Plan A is Buna cord with a magnetic fastening. Sounds straight forward !

Thanks for reading.