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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Men's Jewellery

Hi Everyone
I spent most of yesterday creating little canes with my extruder set. I love this sort of thing. I especially like creating attractive stuff from waste ! Not sure what this says about me ? For example, I trimmed a few ends from a cane construction and wondered ? - almost without thinking I had made some small beads from the scrap. My plan is to pull the beads together in some way (friendship bracelets for men is on my mind) and the new beads have already started me thinking about new colour combinations.

I did complete my tasks for the day ie extruded canes in three colours and some faux wood in three types of wood. I really enjoyed making these canes.
I need to keep going with sample jewellery production later today - specifically for some new kits. Ive also got so many little projects almost finished - I'm hoping to get to those too.
Important news - the slide knot seemed to be the winner for most people (yesterday's big question ! ) - Ive found another bead for this knot, so will try and tackle that too. This will be a design for a collection of friendship bracelets for men. I don't tend to focus on men's jewellery much but I have a commission and I'm beginning to develop some ideas which I think will work.

Thanks for reading.