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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More Stretchy Bracelets

Hi Everyone
I had a very busy day yesterday, distractions of all types presented themselves !! I did produce a range of beads for demonstration and publication purposes. I have more to do with this task today. I also threaded the extruded beads for a simple stretchy bracelet. Each bead needs to be polished and sealed so I will try and finish the item today. It's another demo piece but I like it and will wear it as soon as it's finished. Here is a quick look at the work to date.

The blue beads will eventually form a stretchy bracelet with several layers - the design will illustrate how different sized beads can be used in one piece.

One of the successes from yesterday was the Pandora style bead. My (recent) local polymer clay group discussed the idea of making some Pandora style beads during our last workshop. One of our group came up with the idea and it's something I hadn't tried. I did have some grommets in my supplies, so I have given it a go. The bead came out well. I chose to make a single colour and these grommets measure 5mm. It's quite large and I do have other size grommets so will continue experimenting. I do like the idea of making a patterned bead in the same style.

Thanks for reading.