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Friday, 17 October 2014

Happily Distracted.

Hi Everyone
Yesterday, another day passed by so quickly. I'm not sure where the day went ? Ive been inspired by researching my hollow bead techniques with some great stuff. I'd like a team of people to support me while I play with clay all day ! No luck with that, so I will share the top few items on my 'inspiration of the day' list.
I love these felted beads : (created by Signeera)

I would like to make some polymer examples. Linked with these plaid beads is this idea

The next item is this :

Quite a simple idea but looks stunning. This fits with my current extruding obsession so I may give it a try with my own take on the idea.

I also love this

And this :

Extruding offers so many possibilities.

I'm almost there with the hollow beads too. However, I'm distracted by my findings, so not sure when I will have hollow beads to share ?

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.