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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Making Tools

Hi Everyone
Another great polymer workshop yesterday. Thank you to the group for their enthusiasm. The group were brilliant and came up with lots of interesting ideas for developing beads. We have been meeting for quite a short time but yesterday felt like a turning point in terms of creativity. We have gone beyond the following of instructions and into thinking about adventurous new ideas. Here is a look at some of the work from yesterday's session. The idea was to cover core shapes to form pendants or dangle earrings and layer to give options of how to wear the jewellery. We will construct the actual items next time.

The photo does not do justice to the work of the group (I must spend more time with lighting and positioning next time). The colour combinations are lovely.

You will notice the handles of some little tools in the photo. This was a small part of our workshop and all the handles are a unique take on the extruded caning techniques we used. Each tool will be a reminder of the technique used and be a useful keepsake from the class. These tools were created from a tapestry needle, covered in clay and baked ready for decorating. I made myself one to decorate and will do that later today. Here are the materials for making the tool (in photos). So simple. The handle has a good feel and Ive been using my 'undecorated' item already.

One of our group discussions centred around making hollow beads - large and small. This has inspired me to to try out options for our next session.

Thanks for reading.