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Monday, 20 October 2014

Extruded Bracelets

Hi Everyone
Another week starts ........ I have a particularly busy schedule this week with little order deadlines - I will feel much relief when they are complete. My plan is to get everything finished and packed for sending, before Wednesday. It's also half term at the end of the week and we are planning our regular Autumn holiday in Whitby. Ive not thought about the practical organising yet, so will need to spend a day or so packing !!! Not my favourite activity !
However, moving on ..... I spent a very short time, over the weekend, polishing a few beads made with the extruder. I want to string them today (if I have time).

My plan is to make a simple stretchy bracelet to start. The colours are very pretty and they do sparkle when polished.

The yellows and orange stand out well, I will need to try a few different bead combinations to get a bright colour run throughout the bracelet. Some of the colour patterns are subtle and merge together.

The last photo is a larger bead which will form a focal point within the stretch bracelet. You may remember, I posted another bracelet style last week (designed by Silvia Ortiz de la Torre) using the same extruded bead idea. Here it is again :

I want to have a go at something like this too. I will produce some different colour combinations of my own and loose the style of spacer beads. I will need some form of spacer bead to allow the surface pattern to show. At the moment Im thinking of a short version of the long bead !

On that note, I need to go and get on ......

Thanks for reading.