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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Extruded Patterns

Hi Everyone
Well ........... there is a little order back into my world ! More work needed but at least I can get to my stuff.

I managed a little work too ! The top of my work list was making a range of extruded canes. I chose a few colour combinations and I have two medium sized canes ready for use.
The orange cane was produced with a round extruder.

The pink used a square extruder. I'm not sure there is much difference with individual elements but the pink has a better overall shape (for me) as a cane.

I also had a little left and covered a small bead. This is the bit left at the end of a single cane.

Next - I'm going to produce some larger blank beads and cover with 'fine slivers' of cane. I also need to get some faux wood sorted for the same thing.

I also polished some of my left over clay earrings. Go back to 3/10/14 for the story behind these earrings. They polished up well. I think I will polish a little more and get a higher shine on each of them.

The blue circle earrings have not been polished yet but I did add some green clay in the centre.

Thanks for reading.