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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Still extruding !

Hi Everyone
I'm feeling a bit disorganised at the moment. Ive got lots of little projects going on. All are independent of each other and not similar in any way ! My workspace is suffering and I seem to need another room for storage. However, amongst all the chaos, I did complete the little task of decorating my tool (see yesterday for details). In the end, I covered two tools and made a few beads in different sizes.

I tried to recreate some extruded clay similar to the one I made in the workshop. It didn't come out as expected. I was looking for much more yellow. Such as life ! I didn't spend too much time but the results are pleasing.

I also mentioned hollow beads, yesterday. I am currently obsessed with hollow beads. My plans today, in my spare time ! , will be to find a few different ways of making the perfect 'hollow bead'. I hope to have three options to offer - with some examples. I want to develop techniques which don't involve extra equipment.

Thanks for reading.