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Monday, 13 October 2014

Layered and interchangeable !

Hi Everyone
I had a lovely weekend, can't quite remember anything particularly significant going on ? ........ but amazingly long (for a weekend) with a focus on family time. I did all the usual daily chores etc but I think the difference was I consciously slowed down and stayed around the house !
This week, I'm looking forward to our next polymer clay workshop on Tuesday. We are working with beads, canes, faux wood and working with large earring hooks (all requested by the group). Here are a few images of the sort of thing we will create.

The extra beads are made from mini leftover bits. I'm encouraging everyone to produce these little beads rather than wasting tiny bits of leftover clay. In another session we will make all the 'leftover beads' into something spectacular !

The next photo uses similar techniques in some brighter colours.

The idea behind the designs is to try out some new techniques but also to create a layered bead look which can be interchanged and make several designs in one. I will put some images together showing the interchangeable options later and share tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.