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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
Welcome to Clay Day - another new feature for the blog. Thursdays will give me the opportunity to experiment with Polymer Clay(PC). I love working with PC and would like to set some time aside each week to develop new ideas. Initially, I want to make some new jewellery for myself as well as trying out other stuff such as little bowls or handles for tools etc.
I want the freedom and time to simply play with ideas rather than have the need to create a whole Collection. If I come up with great designs, I can then move them into production but my plan is to try out lots of new ideas.
To start, I'm going to make some jewellery for myself inspired by particular outfits. I want to work on new 'everyday stuff'. I'd also like to combine PC with metal work and again I've got some ideas for this. I usually start all new designs with my sketchbook and will follow this plan for my Thursday's. I see this project as a great luxury and will be especially excited every Thursday.
My very first project will be some carved beads. I want to create some blue beads in lots of custom colours - the clasps and findings will be made by me too. Here is an idea of how the basic bead shape will look.


Thanks for reading.