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Friday, 4 September 2015

Wish I was back there !

Hi Everyone
Wish I was back on holiday. I am having trouble getting back into routines. Today, is my last day of my 'break' (holiday) - still got a bit of tennis to watch but I am thinking about making plans for work.

My last little image to share is the holiday journal I've been creating. My plan (pre holiday) had been to build the journal pages each day. I did write stuff each day - thoughts and little things which occurred to me as well as a sort of diary of events/places. I made embellishments along the way and created little sketches but I want to spend more time developing the detail. I've collected lots of items to include in the journal pages to help tell my stories - some bits are in there but not all. I've left spaces to develop my days around the stuff I've already included.

 I think, I've learned how I would change the process next time. I'm definitely doing this each Summer, I've really enjoyed the process. I wasn't sure about how I was going to tackle this particular project and I just let it happen, it worked out OK but I would have likes a more co ordinated look. The thing I would change for next time is preparing more pre holiday.I like the hand made paper I used but I would have painted a white acrylic space for my  journalling. I did have a little Titan Buff acrylic with me and did try it out but I couldn't get the pages dry quick enough to practically use in the time available to me. I think, I would also develop a simple decorating style/colour range and have a think about how the pages will/can be used. Next time I will take this 'planned' approach. 
My journal will have some pages left, I think and I'm planning on using it for our next little break in October. I will get an opportunity to try out my revised ideas.
Here is the front cover of the journal (so far). I will share more sections another time.


The colours on the front are all blue - they look a little dull in my photo but are, in fact, quite bright. I've used watercolour pencils for the lines and the fish are painted and stuck in place.

Thanks for reading.