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Monday, 7 September 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Summer hols are officially over and I'm back to my blogging routine this morning. However, I've planned a few new features and each day will reveal the idea behind the feature. 
On Mondays, I'm sticking to my Make Art Monday theme. I had planned to use the Summer to develop the Eyes Project (read back to previous Monday's for details) .... but it didn't happen (I did some Eyes stuff but nothing significant). I'm still working on the project and will keep it going on Mondays. I'm going to review the work later and develop a detailed plan of action.
For today, this is a little sketch I did (on the beach) while on holiday - week before last. This sketch is in my Holiday Journal - I will share a few more of the sketches from the Journal over the next few weeks.

The story behind the sketch is simply a bird looking quite a lot like this came to visit out picnic on the beach. The bird was ever hopeful of some scraps as we enjoyed our afternoon - no scraps offered or stolen. The bird was large, black and looked prehistoric - I hope, I captured a little of the 'look'.

Thanks for reading.