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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
It's the first review of my Midweek Puddings book today. The blank book itself is ready and will get its first recipe today. 


The pudding from last week also has a name. My boys decided on Cherry Chocolate Dip. 


The pudding was a huge success with everyone in our house. It only took about 5 mins to make. All the ingredients other than the shortbread biscuits are placed in a bowl and melted over a pan of hot water (water not touching the bowl).When everything's melted, give a good stir And you have a sauce. Cherries are placed in serving glasses and the chocolate sauce poured over. We used the shortbread biscuits to dip into the sauce.
The puddings was just right, small portion but enough and not too sickly !
The Boys gave 4/5 - they thought the dip could have been thicker (fine for me). May try slightly less cream next time. I gave 5/5 for ease of making.

All in all, the recipe has the go ahead to be included in the book.

Today's experiment is an ice cream based recipe. Results next time !

Thanks for reading.