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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everybody
I've been working with The Eyes Project this week (read back on Mondays for more of the story).The dolls are changing each time I draw them but here is a quick look at an early version of the character without a full head (in the original painting). I've named the doll -  Lee. In the original, Lee has a long neck and I will keep this going.



The sketch needs lots of more work - so it may all change again. I quite like the eyes but they are a bit too high in the centre and and need lots more shade to emphasise them. They need colour too. I'm also going to make a new dress from fabric and my plan is to make some printed fabric specifically for the job. Colour wise, I'm thinking of blues (throughout) which is a change from the original painting.

Hopefully, next time I can have a finished sketch with some colour.

Thanks for reading.