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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Last Tuesday, I spoke about the first project in the Making Framework Book called Pebbles. I've got a range of Pebble beads going on in their most simple form and the first project will use these sort of beads :


These little beads can be very easily threaded onto elastic thread and immediately you have a bracelet. This is the first project ie the Pebble Bracelet. To make a stretch bracelet using little beads all around 0.5 to 1 cm across you will need about 28 beads. The beads don't need to be identical in size or shape, in fact the finished bracelet looks much better with a variety. 
The Making Framework book gives detailed instructions and a full list of equipment for the project, explaining why and what to do at each stage. We are making some kits available which will be previewed here on the blog, this Friday. The kits will use a range of different coloured clay and all the hand tools mentioned will be available.  In addition you will need an oven, an oven thermometer and something to bake your clay in eg roasting bag or a covered tile. I use a dedicated oven for my baking/curing but if you are experimenting you will want to use what you have rather than buying a new large piece of equipment. You can easily use an old tile inside a roasting bag or an upturned disposable cooking container. The key to a good bake/cure is to get the temperature right for the length of the bake/cure.

This is an example of a Pebble Bracelet which I made several years ago. I love this bracelet and wear it most of the time. It's in my favourite Navy with some acrylic painted creamy clay beads (the paint has been sanded back)and as you can see, its full of lots of different shapes. I find it durable and often forget I've got it on. Getting it wet or dirty is not a problem, gently wash in soapy water and its shinny again. The beads are simply strung and the elastic tied with a surgeon knot. There are lots of You Tube videos showing how to tie this knot - do a quick search and check out someone who appeals. I've sealed and polished the beads (by hand) using simple wax shoe polish (the one without any colour). It gives a lovely sheen to the surface.


Here is the bracelet made from the beads featured above :


Next time, I will share the next stage of developing the Pebble Bead and making earrings.

Thanks for reading.