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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Return from The Grand Tour

Hi Everyone
We are back from our travels and the Summer hols are over. We've enjoyed a great Summer and I feel some sadness that's it's gone ! The next few days will be full of unpacking and washing stuff. This is the down side of holidays. The boys are back to school today and I given myself a few more days. I'm back next week to an organised work schedule. I'm going to enjoy a relaxing few days getting the home into shape while pushing in a little Art (where I can).
I'm also planning a new series of features for the blog which will start next week, for the next few days - I'm going to share a few photo memories from The Grand Tours. My first photo is an image of an amazing place we visited last week, not far from Edinburgh.
It's the Kelpies, a huge metal structure of two horses. This shot was taken from quite a way from the structures and they still look huge.

The horses stand either side of a canal lock - it's very beautiful and mesmerising to stand beside these enormous pieces of Art.
More images tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.