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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
I'm very excited about this new series. Each Wednesday is all about making time to find and try out new recipes. I'm also making a handmade recipe book to hold my little finds. My first little book is under construction - to be finished later this morning.
The idea is to find recipes which work for our family and stretch my repertoire. I also like the idea of making books, so it's a good excuse for that. I'm starting with the theme of Midweek Puddings.
I'm in need of a collection of ideas for easy, relatively healthyish recipes which I can use to plan shopping and produce for meals. I quite like cooking but I hate clearing up and usually don't have much time so my approach will be easy, quick,using easy to get ingredients, little clearing up and be healthyish (perhaps not always) - bit of an ask ! However, I'm optimistic.
To kick off, I'm going to use a Jamie Oliver recipe from his book Jamie's 30 min Meals. I use his recipes lots and I have made this before but it's not quite there for us so I'm going to adapt the ingredients and process a little. After each recipe I will share the details and give the end product a mark. Five for ease and five for how well it goes down with my boys. The recipe is called Silky Chocolate Ganache in Jamie's book (p56 if you have it). My version will get a new name, decided by my boys ! (we will see how that goes). I will allocate the ease score and the boys will decide the taste/presentation score.
Next Wednesday, I will include my recipe plus a little bit about how it goes. Each week, I will nominate  a new recipe for testing. After trying we will decide if it goes in the book. Here is the scrapbook style book which will eventually hold the Midweek Puddings.


Thanks for reading.