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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
Today's recipe is something called FLUVELS - this is our own family made up name  for this dish. 
Here they are :


The puddings are also known as cheesecakes in some homes ! Again, this is one of the quick, mid week puddings.

Start with approximately 4/5 biscuits. I used stem ginger cookies (I didn't make them this time !). Any biscuits would do, it's down to taste and flavours. The biscuits need to be broken up, I put them in a food processor but you could smash them with a hard object inside a plastic bag. I left some bits slightly larger than others - I didn't want a fine powder more of a varied crumb. Divide the crumbs between four glasses. Next, a tablespoon of lemon curd is placed on top of the crumbs in each glass followed by 5/6 raspberries. Make up a creamy whip from mascarpone cheese (250gm), 1 tablespoon of icing sugar, few drops of vanilla extract and a tablespoon of milk and (very important) the rind of a lemon. I use this tool :


For me, using a grater involves difficult washing up and grazed fingers every time! However, either tool would do the job.
Divide the creamy mixture between the glasses and add a small section of chocolate Flake (1 Flake for the whole pudding).

The process is very easy and quick, not much washing up - so for me (the cook) this pudding gets 5/5. The boys decided 4/5 - they are very demanding ! One of the boys suggested I layer the cheese and biscuits to form a few thin layers, rather than 2 thicker layers. This is a brilliant idea and will definitely be adopted next time. The pudding goes into the book.

Next time - Fruit Muffins.

Thanks for reading.