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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm experimenting today with my ongoing little clay project. I mentioned last week about a carved bead idea and I've developed a few blue carved beads for the purpose. I also want to experiment with beading a few of the polymer beads. I'm not brilliant with beading (yet!). I'm determined to improve my beading skills but so far I've had limited success. Even the most simple projects seem beyond my skills. However, I will keep going with it. My plan is to turn a selection of carved beads (in various shades in blues) with some 'beaded' beads and some plain beads into a bracelet and possibly a necklace.
In preparation, I've already been practicing making beaded charms (part of another project). I tried out a few charms in a number of different sized seed beads. Eventually ............. I have a beaded cross charm which looks a bit like a 'cross'.


I'm going to add a jump ring to the cross and make some kind of necklace using more seed beads (I think ?). This minor success gave me the idea to try and half cover one of the clay beads with some seed beads to form a covered cabochon. Not sure how long it will take me to do this ? or if it will be neat enough to add to the bracelet. I aim to half cover two quite small clay beads. Probably, the small beads will be more difficult than larger ones ? Will report my findings and share my experiences next time. Here are the beads involved :


Thanks for reading.