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Monday, 14 September 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Today, my Make Art Monday offer is a another sample sketch from my Holiday Journal. I've made some detailed plans for the Eyes Project (as discussed last Monday) and things are underway. I'm preparing a few different surface to work with and several sizes. In the meantime, I'm sharing something from my Holiday Journal.

My picture for today is this one :


This is a collage of a painted sketch I did on the beach, Yellowcraig Beach (North Berwick). The colours represent the mood and 'feel' of the day. I watched the sea and sky for a while and saw these shapes in the clouds and the waves. Everywhere I looked I could see 'fish'. Simple fish images appear throughout my Holiday Journal and I think this afternoon ie 24/8/15 is where the idea came from. The blue/green colours also seemed to be everywhere on the day. Looking at these fish brings back memories from my sketching session - a great memory.

Thanks for reading.