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Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday From Scratch

Hi Everybody
I'm launching yet another new feature for Friday's, called  From Scratch is about my 'products'. Each Friday I will feature items which I have for sale somewhere, either as an item from the online Etsy Shop The Artsac, Making Kits, Making Workshops, Gallery items or local Events. I will feature a particular item each Friday and share any new display items or packaging ideas associated with the item.

The From Scratch products will mirror The Making Framework project items as well as combining my Clay Day work which make it into production. From time to time, I'm hoping to have little promotions and freebies going on too.

My first item for today is a Button Bead Necklace. I use Button Beads for a number of different jewellery makes and they are a firm favourite in my stock. There will be a number of new different colour and surface pattern designs going into production this month, all will have new pretty little fabric pouches which will be part of the package. I will be sharing these pouches next time. The Button Beads are also the basis of a few Making Kits which are a great start to making simple jewellery.
Here are a few images of the Button Bead Necklace available from Etsy.



Another week has gone by and all the new blog changes have been introduced. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the changes and find the new daily ideas interesting. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.