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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm reporting on my progress with beading and polymer clay. Last time, I explained my thinking of combining clay beads and beaded beads in a single piece of jewellery, the idea is to cover some polymer beads with very small seed beads and add them to the existing clay beads. Seems simple !! -I tried covering the core bead in the usual way ie stitching little beads all over the core bead. There are many helpful YouTube videos showing how this can be done. I've tried using three different explanations of the technique and have spectacularly failed - every time !
I'm not giving up yet but I did have a poor decision moment yesterday, I thought I could embed the seed beads into the raw clay and then bake the bead. This was never a good idea and I've now resolved to crack the beading technique today. I've found yet another You tube video which goes very slowly and looks like it may help. Here is a look at the clay and the seed beads I'm using :


In order to help develop my beading skills, I've been trying out other beading projects and am particularly impressed with a very simple but quick project which will be a bracelet and a ring. I do think working with these additional little projects has helped my understanding of how beading needs to tackled. Here is a quick look at my progress so far :


I need to make another five or so components for the bracelet and a single for the ring. I will share the final items when finished.

However, my task for today is the achieve something like this :


Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading.