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Friday, 25 September 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
From Scratch is introducing my new line of Fabric Wraps - these items will be described as gift wrap and are specifically designed for jewellery. I'm working on the basic fabric squares at the moment but I'm already thinking about developing the square into something more like a storage item eg placing little pockets into the wrap. Here is a looks a the first fabrics I've chosen to use :


The Fabric Wraps are simply pieces of cotton around 25x25cm. I've cut the fabric with pinking shears on this batch but the next batch will have stitched edges and added embellishments. The idea is to produce limited batches with a particular design feature eg beaded edges or buttons.

I've used the Fabric Wraps myself for a while and have a couple of examples to share :


I'm also developing little fabric tags and flowers to embellishments the wraps and will link them (size wise) with my jewellery pieces.

I especially like the way tissue paper works with the wraps, giving them a feel of luxury before opening, slightly soft but structured at the same time. My shops will being selling the Fabric Wraps - each pack will have a Fabric Wrap, ribbon or string, tissue, gift tag and the option of a range of embellishments. I also love the idea of writing directly onto the fabric and have some pens for the job. Will share this idea next time.


I'm hoping to get the current batch into the shops this weeks. Each gift wrapping pack will be around £3.00 which will include a tag and tissue.
I will confirm the date next time. Hope you are inspired to try this out.

Thanks for reading.