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Friday, 18 September 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm featuring little bags from TheArtsac on Etsy. These bags are designed for small jewellery items and are available in a range of pretty colours and made from organza. I'm developing some hand printed (cotton) bags in the same sizes.


More bags are under development in pretty pre patterned cotton fabrics with more fabric ideas being added. I love packaging and often find myself thinking about packaging more than the actual gift !
Each bag is suitable for all the small jewellery items in my offer and is a great way to wrap items for gifts as well as a useful storage bag at home. I use a variety of bags on a painted wooden board with little hooks as a storage solution (a future item for the shops).The fabric version can be custom made and will be developed to incorporate personal messages and sentiments.

Currently, each bag will feature a little tag - (see sample in card), some tags in card and some larger tags in polymer clay (will share new polymer versions next time). 


I'm also developing some little fabric squares which will tie with a ribbon to form a bag. I've seen large versions of this idea but not small enough for a tiny jewellery piece. The fabric square style bag will be combined with tissue wrapped items. I like this idea and I think it offers a great look - specific sized are available to order. I especially like the idea of writing/drawing drawing directly onto the fabric with a message or greeting. Will share the square bag developments next time.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.