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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
The recipe review this week is an ice cream based pudding. Our (family suggested) name for the pudding is Espresso Ice and here it is :


This is a very easy Make. Each bowl is filled with a scoop of  ice cream (ours was Vanilla). A strong cup of coffee is made (2/3 tsp coffee) and approx 2 tablespoons of the coffee is poured over the ice cream. I added 3 raspberries, a few Pistachio nuts and a couple of Cantucci biscuits.

As the coffee blends with the ice cream (just takes a min.) a lovely coffee cream develops - the fruit, nuts and biscuits all add to very pleasing flavours. All the boys thought this pudding worked well. They gave the dish 4/5 - not sure where it lost a point ? I gave the dish 5/5 - yet another very easy pudding when time is tight. I like the look too ! This could be adapted with lots of different flavoured ice creams, fruit and biscuit options. I'm going to experiment.

The 'Espresso Ice' pudding definitely goes into the book (read back each Wednesday for more about the book).

Next weeks pudding is a cheesecake.

Thanks for reading.