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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Tuesday's will be all about The Making Framework (same as last year). Read back on previous Tuesday's for further information about this project. The project is just approaching the second year and is working well.
 In short :
The Making Framework is all about finding 'your' own making/craft skill. 
We start at a basic level and provide a wide variety of small structured and graduated projects using a limited range of tools.
The project aims to remove barriers to access by providing a range of acces opportunities eg. class workshops, kits, online tutorials etc.
Each individual or group is initially assessed for need and support planned.
We aim to use basic tools and materials, often making tools as part of a project and keeping costs low.
The project aims to empower Makers with the aim of developing future workshop/supporters to further encourage Making.
Additional development opportunities are available eg preparing made items for online sale/Fairs, developing packaging and display.

This year we will extend the range of Making skills/materials used in our projects and hope to prepare to exhibit the work. I'm also involved in producing a project publication which will help spread the word and hopefully make our projects accessible to a wider audience. The book has been under development for a while and we have a draft format. Much more work to do but it's going well. Here is the draft cover :


Each project will focus on a particular craft using specific materials and tools. The first project is called Pebbles and the core material used is Polymer Clay. I will provide an overview summary next week showing the scope of the first project to illustrate how the book will work. As the cover indicates, the reader is considered an Artist Maker and each project encourages an individual response to each project. The Pebbles project is a great first attemp for the Artist Maker, very few tools are needed and every finished project will be different. Hopefully, the items produced from each project will be valued and admired. Finishing makes is so important and this is one of the key elements of each project.
The journey from non-Maker to Artist Maker will take as long as it takes, some projects will be more challenging than others and hopefully a favourite craft skill will be found along the way. I'm convinced widening Making skills will benefit other aspects of life and certainly self confidence. More discussion on that one in the future.

Thanks for reading.