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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
It's Clay Day again - so soon ! Last time, I talked about producing some enamelled silver posts.
Bad news ! - I've been distracted this week from my original plans (no change there) and have not managed the enamel process, maybe today ? I've also managed to move away from my initial plans for Thursday's. Where is the clay ? Maybe, I need a new name for the series ?

However, I've made quite good progress with a new small beading project. Ive wanted to make some beaded rings for a while and have ended up making three rings. Two of the designs are quite acceptable, the third lacks balance in terms of design, although when I put it on my finger the look is good and it feels comfortable - still not totally convinced. I will probably undo it and start again - it's the only way.

I also have a confession to make here - I do struggle, slightly, with many beading projects. I understand and appreciate the level of the actual skills required to 'bead' but often find myself thinking - do I like the final look of a beaded item ? I guess it's like lots of things, I like some and not others.  
As previously stated, I really appreciate the skill required to produce a quality beaded item and greatly admire the many amazing beaders out there. My own struggle with beading makes me understand how difficult it is to make a beaded item. I want to acquire some of the skill because I feel it will add to my range of making skills and allow me to create exciting items in the future, beaded or not. The potential of developing transferable skills via tackling a wide range of different projects and using different techniques and materials is huge.
Back to my beaded rings. Here they are :



Although, these rings are made from pre made beads (bought !); my plan and all the practice involved is giving me the knowledge and design skills for making specific beads suitable for a beaded item ( not on paper yet). I'm now in a position to understand how particular shapes can fit together with a thread (thread yet to be finally decided) to make a form. I'm also particularly aware of the need to have replicated shape and size for each bead type in any beaded design. I know this sounds obvious but making these rings has reinforced this aspect of beading. I'm hoping, I can do a good design job. At the begining of my beading adventure, I would feel quite anxious about the sessions, however, I've moved on ...........   and feel I'm in control rather than the beads. I have a way to go re calling myself a beader but it's been a great lesson in my MAKING life.

Thanks for reading.