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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
As promised last week, I've done a bit of baking for this weeks mid week pudding. I  have to admit that the pudding did take a little longer and did generate a little more washing up than my previous puddings. However, the pudding was a huge success.

This weeks pudding is a tried and tested recipe from my much loved BeRo book. The Be Ro book calls it a Chocolate Swiss Roll. We have renamed it - Chocolate Roulette. Not sure why ? but it seemed to stick and I'm OK with it.



I served up the Roulettes (slices of the pudding) with raspberries and crumbled chocolate flake. You probably think it's the only combination possible in our house ! ie. chocolate, raspberries and cream. Looking back - I think most of the recipes follow this 'rule'.

To make the Roulette - line a Swiss Roll tin with greeseproof paper. Cream 75gm sugar with 2 eggs, fold in 70gm self raising flour and 5gm cocoa powder. Pour the mixture into the tin and cook Gas mark 7 for 8mins. Turn out the cooked cake onto a sugared (icing sugar) piece of greeseproof paper and roll into a log shape. I also roll the log (a second time) in a tea towel and allow to cool. Whip up 300ml double cream and add raspberries (1/2 punnet) and spread onto the cooled cake. I undo the roll just enough to get the cream mixture into the cake. I could have improved spreading the cream mixture to the very ends of the cake, I felt the ends were not as full as they could be. Roll up again and coat with icing sugar and chocolate flake. Slice onto plates and add a few raspberries. That's it.

The Boys loved this pudding - they all gave it 4/5 - I did ask what could be improved and they said 'more cake'. I gave the cake 5/5 - good tast, looks good, not too much washing up (I could do better with washing up next time) and I probably have most of the ingredients most of the time. I don't always have cream at the ready but I think I could probably use thick yogurt.

 I'm already thinking of different flavours to use with different fillings. So, will try out another version for next time.

Thanks for reading.