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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
Clay Day has come around so quickly this week ! - can't believe it's Thursday already. 
I've had a little success with 'beading the bead' - you may remember that this technique gave me lots of grief last time. I've managed to cover a polymer core bead with some tiny seed beads. I love the colour and generally my bead is a reasonably OK re the beading. I'm still not that confident about my process. I can do the 'peyote' technique and I understand about increasing and decreasing to cope with the bead shape but ........... having tried a few more times, I struggle with how neat the end result looks. I'm determined to get this right and will have another go today.
The point of the beaded bead was to add interest to a new bracelet (for me) using a variety of bead techniques. The other specific technique I wanted to use was the carved bead (this also challenged me a few months ago !)
 I now have a suitable range of beads - some to be cured this morning, and then I will be able to construct the bracelet. I've made some sterling silver findings for the bracelet - a hook clasp and some soldered closed jump rings. I think everything is in place and I will make up the final piece today. I can't quite decide if I will use a stretch thread or not ? I have made the clasp but had initially decided on the stretch design. The stretch approach is more practical for me but I also like the idea of introducing silver into the piece ? I will try both and decide. Here is a few images of the bracelet 'to be' :



In addition to the bracelet beads, I've used up some left over clay by making some small beads for stud earrings. I will make some silver posts and will cure the beads with the embedded posts.  I'm trying out some new 'post' designs in this little project. Will report on the outcome next time. The bracelet and the earrings will form the first elements of my new jewellery range (in my personal collection). Next, I'm going to choose an outfit from my wardrobe to base my next clay development.

Thanks for reading.