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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
We have another workshop session today for The Making Framework and it's the final in the beading series (3 of 3). We will finish with either a ring/ several rings or a self directed beading project today.
As part of the workshop (towards the end) we will also practice a little Zentangle. A Zentangle is a miniature abstract work of art. It's created from a collection of patterns. A Zentangle is traditionally created on a 8.9x8.9 cm piece of card called a 'tile'. The process is intended as a meditative art form using a pen and pencil. In our previous workshop we had a short introduction to Zentangle and practiced with a few examples and reference books. Everyone started a tile and we will continue with the practice this time. Although there are identified rules and expectations in the world of Zentangle (many reference books are available) we will take inspiration from the art form rather than sticking rigidly to any rules.
The Zentangle practice is in preparation for a new project starting in a few weeks. Our new making experience will involve making little bowls from airdry clay and decorating them with Zentangle or a form of surface design, inspired by Zentangle. I'm super excited about planning  these new making sessions and will have the opportunity to test out lots of little trials.
However, getting back to the focus of the session - our rings. Making the rings brings lots of beading skills together. To build a successful ring, it new to be comfortable as well as stylish. Choosing the colour and bead size combinations can be tricky, sometimes it's about trial and error. Hopefully we can experience some of this in the workshop. The are also the challenge of keeping tension with the beads to form the structure and making a strong, durable piece. Rings are given a hard time as we use our hands all the time. These rings will need to be worn with some care. I tend to take them off for housework but I do wear them most of the day and will definitely expect them to cope with most things I do. 
The sub skills set I mentioned last week is coming along and each project will be scrutinised post workshop. I've a long list of these subskills for beading and I need to pare them down. The workshop will give me a last chance (for the moment) to watch and analyse.
Here are a few images of the rings we will produce and the details of our local workshop. I will also take some more and share how the makers design/produce their rings.



Thanks for reading.