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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Last week, I introduced a new beading project to one of the workshop groups and everyone completed the project with 'flying colours' (read back for details and images last week). As I hoped, the Starburst Pendent proved to be an easy make. The only real challenge to building the pendent is keeping tension throughout the development. There seems to be a tendency to keep moving the half built pendent and as a result the tension is lost and the shape of the pendant goes limp ! However, everyone seemed to understand this requirement by making the pendant and we moved on enormously. The project allows for mistakes to be made but quickly self corrected - brilliant to see someone seeing this and moving on.

I'm begining to analyse each little project in the Making Framework for skills and techniques. Im aiming to create a simple table per project, highlighting a hierarchy of skills necessary for success. There seems to be a list of about 5/6 'sub skills' which are common to many projects. New crafts tend to bring along a slightly different aspect of the core 5/6 subskills. One of these subskills is the tension idea, practiced in most beading projects. In papercraft skills as an example, tension can be interpreted as keeping something secure for cutting or glueing. This example, I think, is the difference between producing a quality looking item or a rather 'shoddy' finish. As this core subskills is acquired in one craft, I'm seeing a transference to others. As I'm identifying these sub skills, I'm hoping each project can be developed to include little steps which will increase subs skill acquisition.
The beading section within the Making Framework is in its third session next workshop and the final one for this series. We will try and put into action my sub skills development idea. There will be two structured options and one Maker-led.  Making a beaded ring, making a multi strand beaded bracelet and a 'I'm the Maker' option. The last option is quite a milestone. I'm hoping it will work OK for a few folk. The Maker-led idea is to design and be inspired to just 'go' with a material and an acquired technique (developed over a few sessions). This is great and what the Making Framework is all about. Some Makers will not be ready, this is OK too,  each Maker journey is a personal one.

The Framework hopes to include a wide range of Makes to encourage skills development and almost inspire new ways of Making. I love to see how people interpret projects opportunities. I find watching the process inspiring in my own Makes.
Here are a few images of the pendents created in the latest workshop - worn with pride !


Thanks for reading.