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Friday, 16 October 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Friday again ..... I spend most days wondering how my days are flying by ? 
It's almost time to think about the dreaded Christmas gift lists - is it too soon to even mention Christmas ? I look forward to Christmas and love giving gifts, especially small scale handmade gifts. However, Christmas comes with so much stress and seems to start earlier every year. I should be more organised than most on the making front but ....... perhaps we won't go there.
Anyway, getting back to my news, this Friday I'm going to introduce a little idea wich will happen each Friday up to Christmas and will feature little handmade gifts. Many of the gifts will be adaptable and will be suitable for any time of the year. For planning purposes we have ten more Friday's until Christmas, although gifts will probably need to 'done and dusted' much sooner. 
My first little gift will be a very simple beaded bracelet with five strands and threaded onto elastic. Im calling the bracelet a Butterfly Bead Bracelet. There will be a couple of options re colours and the type of purchase. You can buy the finished bracelet, beautifully gift packaged or you can buy a kit. The kit will then be the gift or you could buy the kit and make it and then give as a gift. Hope that's clear ?
I'm putting some options together for the shop today and all will definitely be clear. Anything in a basic kit form (not gift packaged) will be cheaper. Here is a look at the basic bracelet in pretty blues and greens.


I'm working on some different colours and versions this week with some inventive (hopefully) gift packaging. Each kit will be approximately £6. I will post detailed I mages here (with options) when the bracelets are about to go into the shop.

As I share the little gifts each week, we will get into the Christmas mood (I hope) I'm certainly no where near yet !

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.