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Monday, 12 October 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
some close up images of Linda's original eyes feature today. 
The faces of all the Angel dolls are very basic but this close up version of the right and left eye shows just how simple they are. I've had some great new photos made of the original piece and took advantage of a few close ups like these to try and get the essence of the eyes. In my original painting, I tried to get some 'watery'/glazed feel in Linda's face, from a distance I thought it was OK - close up, it's not so convincing. However, I have found the detailed close ups really helpful and will do this for the other Angels. I'm still developing Lee Angel and will move onto Linda this week. I like the idea of working with all dolls at the same time. I want them to be connected and by working with them together, I think I can link together.


It's amazing to see just how much pink there is on Linda's face ! She looks as if she's got third degree burns all over her face ! or severe hot flushes (in the top left image).
I will try and be faithful to the original characters, so will not 'over draw/paint' their new faces but I think I can improve on the colour blending. Linda's  eye make up needs a bit of sophistication too - if I can get it !

Thanks for reading.