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Friday, 2 October 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
This weeks From Scratch item is a tiny pair of earrings which will use a Fabric Wrap (featured last week) for packaging. These tiny stud earrings are made in my From Scratch workshop using sterling silver posts and polymer clay. The earrings are called Dotty Studs and are available in lots of colours. These are in a green blue clay mix and the Fabric wraps are in a red tiny star fabric design. These pieces combined would make a great little gift or a stocking filler. The Dotty Studs are tiny and are the type of earring I wear all the time. I have lots in different colours. The 'Dotty' bit relates to the beaded end of the post which measures 3mm across. The shape of this particular Dotty Stud is a flat fronted ball, I will change the shape slightly with each pair of earrings so you will get a genuine unique item with every purchase.

I'm offering a custom colour option on the Dotty Studs - so if you have a particular request please get in touch. Here are the Dotty Studs :


The Studs will have a plastic butterfly on the back but I can offer a silver option upon request. As you can see from the photo the Dotty Studs are tiny(thumb nail photo). I've brushed the silver post to give them a surface pattern which gives them a little extra interest. The Dotty Studs will be on sale for £6.00 per pair - this will be a launch price for a limited time. The Dotty Studs will go into the shops over the weekend and I will feature this item again next time with more colour options and the completed gift packaging.

I'm going to try out my embellished Fabric Wrap idea later today. The Wrap will get a beaded edge - at least that's the plan. Not sure about the Wrap price will publish when finished next time.


Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.