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Friday, 23 October 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm featuring another little gift and/kit for the Christmas stocking filler series. This one is a beaded ring. A very simple threaded version which will come in a  small organza bag. I'm adding a snowflake tag which can be used as your gift tag. I've also designed a gift pocket option which allows the snowflake tag to hang outside the pocket and will feature this pocket design next time. 
I love this ring - it's simple to construct (instructions come in the kit) and very quick. The ring has an elastic thread so can be suitable for all finger sizes. Once you have made a ring, the possibilities are endless in terms of new designs. If you have odd beads lying around these can be used up with the technique. This design uses some shiney bicones and lots of silver spacer beads. When the spacer beads are stacked together they do look like a single silver band.


Some of the ring designs I've been using recently for other work projects have proved challenging for new 'bead makers' (look back to various posts earlier this week), but I can be certain that this particular design is very simple to master. I'm calling this design Audrey, with a nod to Audrey Hepburn. I always think of Audrey when I look at this particular ring design. Other bead combinations produce very different rings but this one, in particular, gives a solid silver ring characteristic with a bit of shiney glamour !
Here it is on my finger (while working)


Audrey Rings will be available either made up or in little kits. They will be around the £6 mark and gift wrapping will be offered as a separate option.

Next week is half term holidays and we will be away on our annual trip to somewhere near to Whitby. I will post a few photos if /when Internet is available (I do struggle with connection when we go away into the hills!).

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.