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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
The Making Framework has another new project today. It's a beaded pendant for a necklace. The pendant could also develop into a ring or a bracelet but for today we will stick with the pendant.
Here is a quick look at the finished item - which comes in a few different colours and chains :


As mentioned, there is a choice of colours and chains but essentially the project is about creating a single beaded component which will form the pendant. The beading technique is very easy and the pendant is created very quickly. The challenge is to keep all the beads 'tensioned' to give a pretty starburst/flower look. It's possible to create a domed component by tensioning the thread tightly, we will try a range of different tensions to find the one we like. The pendant is heavy enough to hang nicely on the chain and is a good learning project. I'm not sure which one I will make in the workshop ? , I keep changing my mind. 
Last time, the Making Workshop Group struggled with a beading project making small beaded charms (see our invite below). I hoped, I had not turned everyone away from beading. The Daisy Bracelet (also in the invite below) was a great success but the charms proved very challenging. This week , I have a chance to persuade everyone they can achieve a great result and have a nice time too. 

Last time, the group felt stressed out by the relative difficulty of the beading skills required. I do understand their problems, I too felt the same when I was learning how to make the charms. I think the difficulty comes from using very small seed beads and ending up with a small item which lacks structure until complete. 
Today, the pendent project comes together very quickly and the colours are distinct (I think this enhances the beading pattern and allows the brain to understand what comes next - as a result early success is felt ! That's my hope anyway. We need to have a positive experience this time.

While developing these projects ie. The Making Framework Projects, I'm analysing all the skills (in detail) needed to complete each project  - some of these skills are about making decisions and communicating eg asking and giving support etc. I'm not necessarily talking about the craft skill needed when working with certain  materials. Alongside the obvious, I hope to identify some of the soft skills used and/or developed via the project. I will be reporting on this aspect of the project next time.

Thanks for reading.