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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm giving an update on my own little jewellery development project today. Progress is slow but thats OK with me. My plan is to enjoy making things just for me and part of that process is to take my time - I'm the client so I can decide.
So far, I've made beads for a bracelet and developed some small stud earrings. I did think the bracelet would take a clasp but I've now decided to use the stretch threading approach. I made a couple of silver clasps but will use them with a necklace. There are some beads left over from the bracelet and I plan to add to them today. I'm also going to develop slightly different shades of the same colour clay today and will just see how it goes. Ive got an idea to make each bead slightly different. I want to try a few new carved beads, similar to the bracelet beads (maybe larger ? ) and the necklace will have some of the character of the bracelet. I was keen from the outset to incorporate some silver into these pieces and have decided to use closed jump rings I made last week. I will make some more today.


I've especially enjoyed spending time thinking and working with silver. I've made some earring posts from scratch and although this is such a time consuming thing to do and completely unnecessary (posts are relatively inexpensive and widely available) I have felt very satisfied with the results. My posts also have a certain 'raw' feel to them which I like.
Here are a few images of my process :


These posts (above) are flat based and like the ones which are available to buy.
The next image shows another way of making and attaching silver posts - this requires the 'balled' silver post to be embedded into the clay - it works well with pre cured designs. The flat base is required if the posts are to be attached to a cured bead. In the bottom two images, the 'balled' silver posts have been hammered flat before sticking to the clay. The bottom right image shows a tiny piece of clay added post curing and results in embedding the 'balled' silver into the earring bead.


I like the idea of producing a much larger 'balled' silver post, shaping the wire into an earring hook and enamelling the 'balled' silver with bright colours. Will try out this idea later today and share next time.

Thanks for reading.