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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm still slightly distracted with 'beading' projects rather than making my clay jewellery, so the blog series name is still questionable! Although, we do have a link to clay beads today. I've made quite a few new non clay (beaded) rings - see various posts from earlier this week. I've also managed to complete a very small experiment enamelling Sterling Silver (a former job on the list). I want to do more of this but for now the beading is still top of my list. Here is a quick look at the Silver experiment :


I used a piece of Sterling Silver wire to create very small earring wires. The enamel was applied to the end of the wire, curled to create a slightly balled shape. I like the result but need the curled bit to be larger. I'm going to solder a larger shape onto the existing curl and add more enamel - maybe a different shade of blue ? I like the technique and will definitely focus on this one in the near future.

Getting back to the beading thing, I'm developing a new ring with a larger stone. I'm following the same technique as I have used for a few of the previous rings but the much larger size of the beads present new design issues and each step forward is followed by a new challenge. Here is a summary of developments to date :


I want to get to the point where I can mix and match beads, some made by me and some manufactured. I like the shiney metalic seed bead in ring design, so am keen to keep that element. I do feel life is too short to make polymer seed beads which are small enough to make a traditional beaded ring band. However, I'm keen to develop some new customised shapes which can make a band using hand crafted polymer. The finished ring will be proudly shared when complete. You may have noticed the carved bead (above) which I made a while ago and I'd like to incorporate the bead into a ring - note the clay connection !, similar to the stone in the image above. I want the construction technique to be clean and the thread hidden via the construction, this means lots of taking apart and re doing. I like perfection and nothing less will do !

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading