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Thursday, 13 July 2017

BoHO Bracelet

Hi Everyone
I made minor progress yesterday with my Makes ! I'm not sure why ? However, I'm hoping to catch up today. My plan was to remake the BoHO Bracelet from Tuesday as well as a second sample in another colour. My first bracelet needed remaking because the bead tension within the braid was poor as well as uneven spacing. I only managed to produce the sample from the original idea :

The bracelet is a very simple beaded, Square Knot design with a button and a braided loop.

I was especially keen to find a good way of finishing the loop for the button fastening. I've made similar bracelets before and been disappointed with the finishing knots. This time, I'm pleased with the result. The knotted element of the loop is part of the BoHo 'thing' - but I do like a neat and tidy finish. This bracelet is a tiny bit long for my wrist - I can wear it, no problem but a slightly shorter version would be perfect. 
My second bracelet sample colour will be blue, of course ! I haven't chosen the beads yet - I'll get to that later. I think, I'd like to go for different sized beads as well as shades of blue. Hopefully, I'll have something to share tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in today.