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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

FairyHill Shawl

Hi Everyone
I've started a new knit - this time it's a shawl, the FairyHill Shawl by Helen Stewart. I love Helens knitting patterns. The detailed information provided  ie 'total stitches' and '% complete' is great for me. I like to know how many stitches I should have at any time. I'm easily distracted and often find myself a bit lost in a pattern, Helens method of stating how many stitches should be on the needle at any time is reassuring and boosts confidence in myself.
I talked about the yarn I'm using for the shawl a little while ago (read back here ) - dyed especially for this shawl. The pattern is straightforward and has a lovely lace section on the edge as well as some lace pattern across the body of the shawl.

All is going well but I'm a little disappointed about the weight of my yarn. I did think I'd dyed up a fingering weight and it's much more like a 'light' double knit. There have been moments when I thought about starting again, dying up a new skein in similar colours and leaving the current skein for another project - it's still not totally decided ! However, I've chosen to knit the small version of the pattern and I will probably wear it more like a scarf, so the thicker version maybe OK. 


The pattern calls for beads to be knitted into the pattern and I've started to add the beads (see bottom right). I like the effect, the colour is subtle as it blends into the knitting and somehow the beads give an elegant feel to the piece.
The pattern tells me I'm just over 15% complete so if I'm going to stop I need to do so before I reach 20%. I'll let you know what happens - tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in today.