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Monday, 24 July 2017

Hanabira - lives on !

Hi Everyone
It's the start of our long Summer Holiday today. How wonderful ! Sadly, I'm suffering with a heavy 'head cold' and am feeling rather unwell, so not much happening today. However, over the weekend, I've made huge progress with the long suffering Hanabira crochet project - read back on Fridays for lots more on the Hanabira. 
Only a few days ago, the Hanabira was very close to being ripped out completely. I had almost finished the plain crochet section of the body (as discussed last Friday) and was looking forward  to starting the wide flower band. I new it would take me some time to work out the flower pattern and so it did ! but eventually I 'got it'. I really enjoyed making the band and feel like the whole project is back on track. The quality of the crochet is not brilliant but I've decided to go with it for the moment.
I had been very bored with the long section of single crochet, mentioned in  last Friday's blog. My plan had been to try out a few new samples to consider a different stitch. After a few sample, I decided to use a smaller hook (4.5mm) and a half double crochet stitch rather than a single. This minor adjustment has made a huge difference in progress and there's not a great deal of difference in the look of the fabric.
The flower section as mentioned, caused much confusion. I eventually managed the making of the crochet flowers quite well but trying to decipher the pattern took some time. The end result is very satisfying. I wasn't sure about which colours to use as a contrast to the pistachio green of the body at first but almost without thought, blue came to the rescue. My usual default for most occasions.


Hopefully, I can enjoy making the remaining section of the Hanabira. I'll keep you posted. My plans for the project are very positive and I'm hoping to spend a few days working on it.

Thanks for calling in today.