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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Macrame Inspiration

H Everyone
I've yet another inspired idea today. This has followed my Kumihimo work (see the last week or so for more on Kumihimo). My new idea is Macrame braiding. I was inspired by looking at a few kits from the bead shop, Spoilt Rotten Beads. They have some great videos as well as kits for developing Macrame bracelets. Take a look at their website here for a tutorial and details of their kits. 
I was especially taken with a braid combining beads using the Macrame technique - I'm already selecting beads from stash to combine into a design of my own. I've ordered a Macrame Board which I'm hoping will arrive today. I could, of course, use a clip board to develop Square Knots and 'weave in' beads - I've done this many times. However, I like the idea of the little board and feel it would be a more satisfying tool to use.


I especially love the blue version (above) which is a long,wrap style bracelet. I don't have beads like the ones in the image so my version(s) will look  different but I will aim for the colour combinations.
I'm hoping I can come up with a few different designs of my own, once I've practiced with the Board and the inspiration ideas above. I'd like to develop a few necklaces too - watch this space.

Thanks for calling in today.