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Friday, 7 July 2017

Macrame Experiments

Hi Everyone
As I mentioned yesterday, I have a new favourite crafting idea - Macrame Braiding (read back yesterday for more on this). My Macrame board arrived and I'm already halfway to my first finished bracelet. It's quite a satisfying process, particularly including beads into the braids.


The board is a great help in holding and organising the braid, I'm very happy I acquired the tool. I've managed to find some great little beads to make up my bracelet which will be a wrap style piece. The closure will be made with a button and a braided loop. Hopefully I can find time to finish my bracelet today. I've already decided on my next design using different sized beads. Generally, Macrame is a great success with me !

It's Friday, so I'm also updating on the Hanabira crochet cardigan, read back each Friday for more on this project. It seems to be taking forever but I try and complete a couple of rows each day - I've not quite managed that every day this week but I've made some progress. However, I'm struggling to see any progress in this weeks photo :


I'm still up and down about whether the project is a success or not ? I'm hoping the final garment will be wearable ? The jury is still out ! I'm still quite enjoying the process of making the cardigan, although every now and then I think the quality is not quite good enough. I'm also a little anxious that the size will be wrong ? I'm absolutely committed to completing this project - not sure when I'll get there ? but I will definitely get there !

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.