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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

More Bracelet Plans

Hi Everyone
I managed to make another bracelet with my Macrame Board last night, I'd had a reasonably full day with the last Making Workshop for 2016/17 but squeezed in this little idea for another workshop. The last Making Workshop series has concentrated on Kumihimo techniques and proved very successful for all the Makers. Everyone has been excited and inspired to make beautiful bracelets and my next idea is to build on this enthusiasm. Look back over the blog for images and detail on the Kumihimo project. Here are a few images to show some of the work.


Moving on, my next project will aim to combine Kumihimo and Macrami techniques. I've developed a simple beaded, square knot bracelet and I'd like to combine the design with an element of flat Kumihimo (see bottom right).

I also want to use a simple button fastening with a Macrami weave loop (similar to the Wrap bracelet in the top image). In my Macrame sample, I've used a natural flax cord - when the Kumihimo element is introduced I'm going to replace the flax with a finer cord but in the same colour to give an impression of the flax. I want to highlight the cord pattern in the Kumihimo section and will keep the beads to the Macrame section. I may add one or two link/bridge findings to seperate each 'weave' technique. Perhaps, the bracelet will develop into a wrap style piece ? I'll keep working on these ideas and share my findings along the way.

Thanks for calling in today.