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Friday, 21 July 2017

Friday Knitting Update

Hi Everyone
It's Friday and another weekly knitting update. I've finished the knitting part of my latest project, the Bousta Beanie (more on this here ). I need to make a Pom Pom, weave the ends in and block. This has been a very quick knit. I've loved making the Beanie and am already choosing colours for the next one.

My other update for today is the Hanabira. The Hanabira is my crochet cardigan project.- you can read back each Friday for more on the Hanabira. I'm 'up and down' with this project. I'm happy to say, 'crochet' is a challenge for me. I decided (some months ago) to use the Hanabira to improve and develop my crochet skills and generally this has happened. However, I'm not totally convinced about my efforts. It's a rather tedious project at the moment. Lots of rows of single crochet on quite a small hook. Each week, I seem to make very little progress. 

I'm at the point where most of the plain crochet on the body has been done and there is a wide flower stitch band coming up. You can see the pattern here.  I'm seriously considering a change of plan. I'm going to develop a number of test pieces which incorporate the flower band using different sized hooks. I'm begining to think my tension is not quite as it should be ! I will delay any ripping out for now but somehow, I think that's what I need to do

Looking back over the time I've been working on the Hanabira, without doubt, I've made huge progress. I feel confident with the crochet pattern (understanding it) and am able to 'read' my work. The whole idea of this project was to improve my crochet skills so I've succeeded in that.

Hopefully, next Friday, I will have a definite plan for the Hanabira and a Pom Pom on the Beanie.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.