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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Knitting Project Round Up

Hi Everyone
I'm hoping to work through some of my unfinished knitting projects over the next week. I have a number of garments which simply need the ends sewing  in or a very small element of the pattern to complete. The garments in question can be seen in my little photo story :


I have highlighted four projects which are in various states of 'almost complete'. Mostly, they need the ends sewing in and blocking. The knitted top (bottom right) needs the neck edge re doing. I did knit the edge but wasn't happy with it - so unpicked the neck. All the other projects, as mentioned, simply need the ends sewing in and blocking. I should be able to complete these projects very quickly. I'm not sure why I've left them in a pile - waiting ? All the garments are successful knits and I've tried them on several times, all fit and will be lovely to wear !

Alongside the finishing job, I really need to re design how I store my yarn and wool. I think, I've got to the point where this will need to happen. I'm not looking forward to the job. I'm not happy with my current storage options and I seem to constantly re organise stuff without finding a good solution. However, the time has come for a drastic approach. My approach needs to be a complete reorganisation of ALL my making stash. This is a big, big job ! I'm taking the 'one day at a time' technique. I think, I'm avoiding tackling the job because I can't see the ideal end result, at the moment. But, I'm convinced I just need to start and the solution will become apparent. Wish me luck.

Thanks for calling in today.